Investment Optimization at scale

We provide asset allocation and credit scoring solutions using quantum computing research. Our trading product is already deployed in the market and beating internal customer benchmarks.

→ Optimal Decisions at Scale

We solve discrete optimization problems 33X larger than what’s conventionally available, making existing data-reduction techniques obsolete.

→ Quantum Computing Research

We use the latests algorithms that can solve problems more efficiently by escaping local-minima to find the optimal solutions.

→ Quantum Inspired Chips

Quantum computing industry has inspired manufacturers to build chips that can natively solve our finance problems.

Our trading product is out..

Quantum computing research has already produced novel methods that are changing finance, as our product’s performance shows.

Quantum computers have the potential to bring immense speed-ups, but they are too early for practical use. Quantum computing science, on the other hand, is driving our products to bring speed and scale.

We’re based in NYC.

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